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Dear Success-Minded Friend,

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step toward success by deciding to meet with like-minded individuals who know what it takes to compete in a changing, challenging marketplace. By tapping into the breadth of knowledge and ideas at your fingertips in the Implementer’s Edge, you’ve laid the foundation for being several steps ahead of your competitors.

I, like you, had struggled for years trying to find people like me – entrepreneurs, self-employed people and small business owners who were motivated to take action, driven to succeed, results focused and ambitious to implement new ideas. But – – -I just needed that extra infusion of know-how and proven techniques to know exactly where to start. And a little boost of confidence didn’t hurt either.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention, we like a little appreciation for what we accomplish too, right? I know I do.

Here is the short story. The short story is I came upon a Business Builder and Marketer Extraordinaire, Dan Kennedy. I implemented what he taught me and shortly found my business growing, then booming – – and – – I was even teaching my clients what I had learned.

What took me many seminars, many late nights, many trials and errors, much convincing of working associates, and many airline flights to discover, you can now get locally – – right here in Wisconsin. – Actually right here in Grafton and in Green Bay each and every month where groups of business builders just like you and me get together to work ON our businesses – – None of the learning curve and roller coasters I traveled. – – – – And may I add, also none of the expense I incurred either. It really doesn’t get too much easier. I promise you.

At our local Implementers Edge monthly marketing events, you’ll be both mesmerized and mostly motivated… mesmerized by what your co-members are accomplishing and motivated to join the ranks of those who have used the information to do what others are only dreaming of doing. (Without action, nothing happens!)

 There are essentially three reasons why people come to our events.   Here is what they have told me, time and time again.

     1. To lean new stuff, to enhance and build on their current wealth of knowledge.

     2. To be reminded of what they already know and to bring the important things that they might have forgotten back to the forefront of their mind to start doing again. Like, “Oh I know that, but I have not been doing it but I should be!”

     3. And Most Importantly, to be around those just like you who are already doing things and implementing projects, . . . so you can walk away seeing the results they are getting and now you can be thinking, “If they can do it, then So Can I.”

So this is your chance to join us as my guest at our next Monthly Marketing Event, to be around others who are already doing it so you too can catch the positive vibration of

“If they can do it, then So Can I.”

We meet each month so you are never more than a couple of weeks away. When you’re around people who are committed to being number one, you become part of a powerful brain trust that makes ideas multiply and grow. As part of the Implementers Edge, you have access to people who give you that necessary focus to take you to the next level of personal and business accomplishment. I look forward to meeting you at our next monthly event and networking with you to help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to meeting you in person. – Remember; just click the box on the right to get your guest pass to our next Monthly Marketing Event in either Grafton or Green Bay.


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Have you ever asked yourself this simple question?

“Why is the entrepreneur the loneliest person on Earth?”

Here’s why — because you stand apart from the rest of the crowd in going against the tidal wave of mediocrity carrying everyone else along. The truly successful entrepreneur doesn’t “go with the flow”… instead, he (or she) chooses the path less traveled — often to the dismay and derision of friends, family, peers, and pets.

(That’s right, even your dog may abandon you.)

So yes, we know, it can get awful darned tough at times.

But as your Wisconsin business advisor I have a gift for you… a report packed with proven business marketing strategies, insights, and take-‘em-to-the-bank-ideas… so you don’t have to stumble along the path alone… struggling day in, day out to find new customers in Wisconsin… and without the tools you need…

It’s simple.  Just enter your name and email in the form below and click the “Send Me My Report” Button. There’s no obligation and you’ll get instant access to the report.

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