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One of my favorite marketing adages comes from a little known, but very successful small businessman from Kenosha WI.  When asked the secret of his success in dominating his local market, he boiled it down to three simple words: CONTINUOUS SELF PROMOTION Tattoo those three words on your forearm and make sure you follow that […]

I’m going to let you in on three (3) common mistakes that will absolutely KILL the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  At GKIC, they’ve coined the term “Kopy Kryptonite” to refer to these kinds of killers, in reference to the well-known “Achilles Heel” of comic book legend Superman.  Don’t Be Boring. There’s NOTHING so deadly […]

There’s no way around it… For business growth, you are going to have to deal with change.  Sometimes it’ll be to your advantage, but many other times it won’t. In fact, change can often be downright unwelcome. The one thing that all successful entrepreneurs accept and understand is that change is part of the business […]

Dan Kennedy, founder of GKIC,  said something truly profound during the recent Info-SUMMIT in Nashville, TN.   It went something like this: “Don’t be afraid to make some people angry.  Boldness pays off.  Think of this – in America, you can have 50% of the country hate you and still be elected president.” When you draw […]

If you think times are tough, imagine what it’s like running a crab boat mid-Winter in the Bering Sea. Rough waters. Bone-chilling cold. Seemingly endless days and nights running together spent dropping then hauling pots from the depths. Sometimes you hit the crab and the bountiful reward inspires jubilation. Other times you come up high […]