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Recommended Marketing Resources

We at Renegade Marketing Secrets have spent large amounts of time and money on software and systems over the last several years and not everything works as advertised!

You are the beneficiary of this expensive education and can take advantage of the marketing resources below that we are personally using and benefiting from.

Anything on this page we’ve seen work in the world for businesses

To arm yourself of any and all of these powerful marketing tools, all you need to do is click on each of the logos to learn more about and to sign up for each product – – – Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any specific questions.


Office AutopilotIs one of the most powerful all-in-one business and marketing software platform in the industry, designed for information marketers, experts, and coaches to help them automate the marketing and operational tasks in their business so nothing is missed.

Office Autopilot allows you to:

  • Design repeatable marketing sequences
  • Segment your database
  • Execute marketing steps based on actions of the prospect
  • Maintain a huge variety of contact information
  • Automate all of your online payment processing
  • Manage both online and offline marketing activities
  • Integrate affiliate management right into your marketing
  • Develop and integrate landing pages within minutes


SendPepper is the World’s First Automated Direct Mail and Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses. It is often referred to as the little brother of Office Autopilot. Many companies start with SendPepper and then easily migrate to Office AutoPilot as their needs increase.

  • Manage both online and offline marketing activities
  • Segment your database
  • Develop and integrate landing pages in minutes
  • Connect your shopping cart easily to your websites/landing pages
  • Design repeatable marketing sequences


Information Marketing Association – The Information Marketing Association is THE industry association for entrepreneurs who are in the world of selling information and information products. IMA has everything you need to continue to start or expand your information marketing business collected under one umbrella. It’s a “Must-Join” if you are currently in the information market or thinking about entering.

Successful authors, self-publishers of books, people who sell home study courses, personal and business coaches, newsletter publishers, and seminar promoters turn to the Information Marketing Association for the critical insights on the business side of running a successful information marketing business.

By being a member of the IMA, you’ll receive insider’s secrets, access to experts and step-by-step resources assembled for creating and running simple and easy multimillion dollar information marketing businesses.


Customer Loyalty International – Show your appreciation to your loyal customers and stand out from your competition by giving the gift of travel as a reward or premium for doing business with you. Periodic gifts to customers that reward them for on-going membership are a nice way to recognize them for their longevity of being your customer.

One of the nice things about a travel premium versus a gift certificate, you can give a gift that has a value that far exceeds you’re out of pocket cost which is seldom true when giving a gift certificate form a local merchant.

CL International, Inc. has provided premiums to the giants of the corporate world as well as to the smallest of companies.

Everyday you can see in the newspaper or on television, companies giving 20%, 30% even 75% off. Businesses are giving away their profits just to stay open !!

Why would they do that when they can give away a promotional item that has a LOW COST and a HIGH perceived value !!!

No matter what business you are in, you can use travel premiums to increase traffic and get new business.

Be unique, don’t be just like everyone else.


3D Mail – The Number 1 reason customers stop shopping with you? They forget about you. Don’t be Forgotten with Promotional Products from 3D!!!

Have you ever gone out to the mailbox to get the mail and found a big, oddly shaped envelope in amongst all the other letters? If you’re like me, you’re going to open the package that stands out from all the others first out of curiosity. Postcards and letters easily make their way into the trash pile, but it’s hard to ignore a little soldier figure or a wallet-shaped envelope. Why? Because you took the time to be creative and stood out from all the other boring direct mail pieces we all get every single day.

Fact: Bulky mail has a much higher open rate than flat mail

3D Mail is what we use here at Renegade Marketing Secrets when we mail out to our prospects. Some of our favorites include the small plastic trash can, a pill bottle, and a bank bag. Stand out from your competition and make sure you are front and center in the mind of your prospects by using 3D Mail the next time you mail to your prospect list.


Metro Merchant Services – is an easy to use merchant account for your business that allows you the flexibility to accept many different forms of payment, anywhere, anytime!!!

In today’s economy, you know the importance of accepting all forms of payments is vital to the success of your business.

With cash less commonly carried, and checks gradually becoming obsolete, credit and debit cards have completely revolutionized the industry, becoming the most common forms of payment. The majority of merchants world-wide are now accepting these cards because of the benefits of a merchant account, and to maintain your business’ competitive edge, you should accept plastic too.

By accepting credit cards, you get all the benefits of a merchant account:

  • Boost sales and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose their preferred form of payment.
  • Increase your average sale because the customer doesn’t need to have the cash on them.
  • Speed up the check-out process with efficiency and convenience.
  • Protect yourself from potential losses caused by bad checks.
  • Avoid the risk and inconvenience of having large sums of cash.
  • Accept payments from virtually anyone, anywhere.


Royalty Rewards– If you are a restaurant or any other business owner that is looking for a turnkey growth system to get your customers to come back more often and spend more money, CLICK HERE!!!


GKIC Magnetic Marketing – How To Thrive And Prosper Right Now And Be Poised To Profit From The Emerging New Economy With The Time-Tested, Proven, Yet Cutting-Edge And Radically Different 
That Literally Changes Everything…




Publicity Hound – If you are looking to utilize publicity as a resource in your marketing tool kit, Joan Stewart and the Publicity Hound is where Renegade Marketing Secrets goes, And so should you!!! Publicity expert Joan Stewart shows you how to use free publicity to establish your credibility, enhance your reputation, position yourself as an expert, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and position your company as THE employer of choice.


eInnov8 Marketing provides powerful online marketing solutions that help businesses and organizations get more online visibility, greater traffic to their online properties, and conversions to leads and sales.The professionals who work with eInnov8 Marketing realize their business MUST have an effective online presence, but their interest and available time to devote to making this happen is limited.

eInnov8 Marketing invests in developing online systems to solve the most difficult challenges of online marketing so their clients don’t have to.

Their solutions include:
  • Online Video/Audio
  • Internet-Wide Content Distribution Systems
  • Results-Focused Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • and more