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Wisconsin Mastermind Groups

The Key to LONG-TERM  Growth and Success is Finding A Way to Stay Informed and Motivated on A CONSISTENT Basis.


You ask … What’s a mastermind? Read on and I’ll explain.

Here’s the harsh reality:

  • Successful people either know things you don’t know, do things you don’t do, or both.
  • That’s it. It’s that simple. You succeed, or not, based on your own knowledge, action, persistence and understanding. All four are required, in that precise order.
  • Knowledge tells you what to do.
  • Action is doing it.
  • Persistence, motivation, drive and sticktoitiveness is what Keeps You Going!
  • Understanding allows you to adjust and adapt when things don’t work quite right the first time so you can keep getting things done.
  • It’s all about getting things done – right?

“Execution is the great unaddressed issue in most organizations today. It is one thing to have a clear strategy. It is quite another to actually implement. Those who execute always have the upper hand.”
Stephen R. Covey, World Renowned Author, Speaker, Coach

Delivering on your promises, doing what you say you are going to do, and achieving the results you want can only be done through consistent execution. And yet this simple and crucial concept continues to be one of the great unaddressed issues in organizations today. There are some key principles at play that, if violated, make execution increasingly difficult to achieve, but if adhered to, turn it into a natural habit that results in better financial outcomes, higher levels of trust, and sustainable success at all levels.

I’ve found one of the best ways to do this, to tap into brilliantly simple money-making ideas, is by joining a Mastermind Group.

A mastermind is one of the most powerful tools (experiences) you’ll ever experience, because when you connect with even just one other entrepreneur who is focused on marketing and success, your ideas don’t just double — they tenfold or more!
Napoleon Hill, author of the must-read book “Think and Grow Rich”, said “A mastermind is the harmonious alliance of two or more minds that create a friendly environment to gather, classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation. It is the coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose”

Now, let me back up in time and tell you a brief story … under the guidance of America’s first billionaire Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill studied 500 of the richest men in America to try to better understand the road to success and to see what traits they all had in common. Some of these men are Thomas A. Edison who became the world’s greatest inventor with only three months of formal schooling, Charles M. Schwab, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilbur Wright, John D. Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, Woodrow Wilson and Alexander Graham Bell.


After studying America’s wealthiest and most successful people, Napoleon Hill said he noted 13 common traits among all of them. A single common trait every single one of them had was that they were a part of mastermind groups.

As the acknowledged “Father of the Modern Day Mastermind” he said, ” a harmonious alliance of two or more minds can create a friendly environment to gather, classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation” — Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is said to be responsible for creating more millionaires than anyone else in America. But very few people know there is a modern-day Napoleon Hill who is still living and has personally produced more self-made millionaires than anyone in the country….. people from all fields, backgrounds and professions.


It means you can experience the same process, the same excitement and the same results as Napoleon Hill did – – right here in Wisconsin. Our commitment is to bring together like-minded and results-focused local Insider’s Circle Chapter Members who share their experience, support, knowledge and abilities to help motivate others. This type of synergy is only possible when everyone in the group understands nothing happens until something gets implemented. – – It all starts with implementation. Right?


It’s Simple. Here is our Defined Purpose:
Our purpose is to work together, to learn together and to grow together in ways that lead to amazing business breakthroughs for each member. These breakthroughs will serve as the foundation of business growth and multiple increases in income for you and the other members. You are responsible for encouraging each other and “pushing” each other beyond limits they might have thought to be unachievable prior to becoming a member of the mastermind group. It is key that you can demonstrate via personal energy and a “Get-R-Done” attitude how your success could never have been achieved alone, without the strength, intensity and support of the other Mastermind members and the Mastermind methodology. WE ALL SUCCEED TOGETHER!

  • Monthly 6-7 hour group meeting. Groups limited to 10 non-competitive members
  • Monthly marketing fax/email (delivered by fax and email)
  • Chapter Membership in Wisconsin
  • Fax access to Tom Ribar and team for questions
  • One group telephone call each month, with replay option, varying between a “mindset” and a marketing/business building topic.
  • Two free ad critiques each year
  • Free admission to all GKIC Chapter Summit events in Wisconsin.
  • One 1-on-1 lunch/dinner with Tom Ribar each year
  • Your business listing in featured Mastermind section on the Wisconsin Chapter website
  • Membership by application only.
  • Call to request an application at (800) 634-8199.