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Fellow Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Professional in Private Practice or Sales/Marketing Pro: My name is Thomas F. Ribar and I am a certified marketing coach now offering a way for you to gain regular local access to cutting edge and proven marketing ideas, strategies and tactics. No travel, no hopping on airplanes, renting cars or staying in hotels away from your family days on end. Right here, close to home, at long last. Finally! Are you sick and tired of lousy results with your hard-earned marketing and advertising dollars? Do you often feel like you are being taken advantage of by expensive advertising agencies or local media salespeople? Wouldn’t you like to eliminate those frustrations, once and for all? Register Now

Follow me here … Do you struggle for DIFFERENTIATION? Does your company have trouble standing out in the information clutter and all the marketing messages bombarding your prospects and customers? Are you sure if more people just knew about you they’d become great customers for life?

You can’t do it all yourself, but with the right advice, support, information and resources, you’ll put the odds heavily in your favor! I was in quite a predicament a few years back until I came upon a fellow who has been my marketing coach since 1995. Do you know him? You just might. Read on.

For more than 25 years, thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales & marketing pros have turned to Dan Kennedy for answers to their most vexing sales problems – for 9 years, Dan was one of the featured speakers on all Peter Lowe SUCCESS events, appearing with Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, a host of former U.S. presidents, champion athletes, coaches and legendary entrepreneurs. Register Now

The place you want to be to get engaged with all that is working in marketing today is at our next Monthly Wisconsin Marketing Summit.

What is a typical summit all about? Here is a brief overview. Follow me here…

No BS Marketing and Networking Chapter Summit features:

  • Real world marketing secrets
  • Smart and competent guidance
  • Proven ideas that will work in your business
  • Networking with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals just like you
  • Connection to the largest national marketing and coaching program
  • And lots, lots more!
  • And a free $633.91 gift to ALL first time guests. Yes, you read that right. I will explain this on the next page.

Oh, and if you think there is even an itsy, bitsy, teensy little risk of you investing a couple of hours with us, then here is my indisputable, “I’ll Pay You to give us a Test Drive Guarantee.”

$50.00 Challenge Guarantee:
Simply attend the entire Monthly Wisconsin Marketing Chapter Summit, listen and learn. If, at the end of the summit, you feel your time was wasted, I will write a check in the amount of $50.00 to your favorite charity, right there on the spot and you can keep all the handouts and everything that you learned – no questions asked. The risk is all on us to make sure that every minute of our Chapter Summit/Wealth Creation time together is 100% valuable for you.

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