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Tom Ribar is the Chapter Director of the Implementers Edge Insider’s Circle Chapters in the greater Wisconsin area and also the President of the Renegade Marketing Secrets LLC, located in Grafton, Wisconsin. Each month Tom heads up a marketing event attended by groups of entrepreneurs in Green Bay and Grafton.  As Chapter Director and leader of Renegade Marketing Secrets, he works with entrepreneurs and business owners who are suffering from low profits and lack of customers and who are looking for a proven way to grow their businesses in ANY economy.

Tom shows leaders how to give their business “an edge” and takes them step by step through helping them discover the secrets to magnetically attracting new prospects and building a fence around their existing customers.  The Implementers Edge in Wisconsin is the home of the GKIC Insider’s Circle organization, a company founded by the marketing genius Dan Kennedy.

Tom met Dan Kennedy in 1994 and his marketing world has not been the same since.  In spite of having an advanced degree in business, Tom often tells people his education in marketing did not really begin until he met Dan Kennedy.

In addition to his linking up with the GKIC organization and founding Renegade Marketing Secrets, Tom is president of Management Solutions International. In that role, he works with manufacturing companies who want an edge in the marketplace and with decision makers who want a fresh approach to improving their manufacturing business.

Mr. Ribar is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of process improvement strategies. He has extensive experience in the areas of Sales & Operations Planning, becoming a Lean organization and Inventory Record Integrity. He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them raise the integrity of their inventory records up to levels of excellence that had before only been a dream. For over three decades Tom has been helping manufacturers, in a wide variety of industries, fundamentally change their business. His reputation for helping companies “cut to the chase” and get things done is what keeps getting him invited back to take on additional challenges.

In addition to conducting interactive and participative direct marketing workshops, Mr. Ribar helps companies by coaching individuals and project teams to be their very best and by providing proven tools to speed up the improvement process. Companies who work with Tom and Management Solutions International do so, not only because of the powerful gains they achieve, but because their people learn exactly what they need to know to achieve the desired results. In the process, they develop skills that are important to both the company and the individual, resulting in not only a successful project, but also enhanced abilities and relationships that will make future cross-departmental projects come off without a hitch.

So that the client company does not have to begin from ground zero, Mr. Ribar brings proven templates of success to serve as the starting point. He zeros in on the core direct marketing issues, guides the company to develop the best strategy and then helps them initiate the key performance metrics to insure the objective is achieved in the shortest time possible. Tom makes sure the project is heading in the right direction each step of the way and keeps the team focused on the most direct route to the goal.

Mr. Ribar has a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Industrial Administration from the Krannert Graduate School of Management, also at Purdue.

Tom presents frequently for professional organizations like APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) and INC. Magazine on many varied management and business improvement topics. He has been a partner with the Krannert Executive Education Program at Purdue University, offering management and executive workshops in the areas of Sales & Operations Planning and Master Scheduling as well a recent offering, “Leading your Company to Lean – Creating the Vision and Setting the Bar For Peak Performance.” He has earned distinction for helping audiences take the mystery out of effecting positive and profitable change in their businesses. In addition to being a member of manufacturing and quality organizations like ASQ, AME and the American Production and Inventory Control Society, he is also active in the National Speakers Association and a past president of the Wisconsin chapter of NSA.

He is the co-author of a recently published book from Insight Publishing on the topic of success, Mission Possible – Volume 7.  In addition, Tom is the co-author with Dan Kennedy of The Ultimate Success Secret, Wealth Building & Success Secrets of Wisconsin’s Top Entrepreneurs.